Thursday, October 14, 2010

Librarians as presented by the media

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Love My Library (175 videos) competition
Companion to a 2007 contest in which "more than 175 public, school and academic libraries ... submitted video for the 'I Love My Library!' video contest."
ALL the videos are hosted on YouTube at
Winner was the one displayed here ... The Library Code (youtube)

Monday, May 7, 2007

CIL2007: InfoTubey Awards

At the Computers in Libraries 2007 conference, Information Today held the first InfoTubey Awards. From their website, "[the Infotubey] awards will be presented to those organizations or individuals for outstanding YouTube productions. Premiering at the 2007 Computers in Libraries conference, these awards recognize those creating YouTube library-related productions.

Super Librarian

Its a bird, its a plane.... no its Super Librarian

Mr. Bean - The Library

No Cookies in the Library - Classic Sesame Street

No Cookies in the Library - Classic Sesame Street
Much to the chagrin of a tempermental librarian Cookie Monster can't seem to comprehend that libraries don't have cookies.

Seinfeld Clip: The Library - Mr Bookman

Gorilla Librarian (Why do you want to be a librarian)

Gorilla Librarian (Why do you want to be a librarian)
From Monty Python's Flying Circus, series 1, episode 10.


IT departments and librarians, they go together like bananas and waffles.


More Fun with IT Professional and Librarian!

iACPL 3.0

IT and Librarian learn to get along just a little bit better.

iACPL 4.0

The big Pay off! It Professional and Librarian bury the hatchet just in time to meet: It Librarian.

Your Life Work: The Librarian

An episode of US Government film series on careers. I assume it was shown to high school students. This one was filmed at the Iowa State College (now Iowa State University) library in 1946.

Librarian Comedian

The Angry Librarian

Conan The Librarian

Conan The Librarian segment from Weird Al Yankovic's one and (so far) only movie, UHF (1989)

Library Cheer

Thursday, April 5, 2007

New And Improved Libraries (News Report)

You will need to visit the CBSnews website to view this video.

Click on the image or the link below.

CBS News Report : With competition from book stores and the Internet, (USA) libraries are looking for new ways to attract users. Susan McGinnis takes a look at what some facilities are doing to revamp their image. (March 2007)

TEDTalks: Joshua Prince-Ramus (2006)

Joshua Prince-Ramus is architect of the Seattle Public Library and principal of REX (Ramus-Ella Architects). Through a series of beautiful visualizations, he deconstructs the collaborative process of building the Seattle Public Library.

Welcome to the Library

Mr Davidson and Mrs Dyer welcome you and explain their jobs.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

OPL Warrior Librarians

The World's Fastest Librarian

School Libraries and Librarians (Videos & PowerPoints)

This blog showcases videos and PowerPoints designed to help librarians and support libraries especially in k-12 schools ... and some fun stuff I just could not resist including.

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